Our agency has an experience for over 20 years, during which we have organized and co-organized events, both outdoors and indoors in over 42 cities in Romania. In the hope of a future collaboration we present our offer of services:


International Artists

Local Artists

International Transport Logistics

Ground Transport Logistics

Accommodation Logistics

Backstage Logistics

Stage Management


Consultancy in choosing the location

Consultancy in choosing the right technical team

Consultancy in obtaining operating approvals

Consultancy for timetable

Location Management

Consultancy in choosing beverage vendors

Consultancy in choosing food vendors


General Branding

Visual Branding

Market Analysis

Marketing Strategy

Basic Graphic Elements

Graphic Structures

General Presentation of the event

Copywriting materials

4. Graphic Design

Name and Logo

Print materials: Posters, Banners, etc.

Online Materials: postings, announcements, models, banners, tickets, etc

Media Packs: Social Network packs, Radio, TV

Outdoor Print: Flags, Boards, DTP&BT

Establishing hashtags for online, print, media

Webdesign for your event

5. Press and On-line Campaigns

Press information materials

Posts on Social Media Event Pages

Posts on Social Media Artists Pages

Informing big Journalists about the event

Production of materials for the TV, Radio, Online and written press campaign

Maintenance of Social Media Pages and Website

TV & Radio Interviews

Attracting bloggers and influencers to the event

Media Partnerships

6. Video & Sound Production

Teasers & Tv Spots

Intro and Outro for Video Materials

Video edditing and professional coloring

Contacting and Contracting voiceover

Audio Mix & Master


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